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Transforming the understanding
and treatment of mental illnesses.

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Research Areas Overview

NIMH researchers conduct research ranging from studies into mechanisms of normal brain function, conducted at the behavioral, systems, cellular, and molecular levels, to clinical investigations into the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness, throughout the lifespan. Areas of research with associated Principal Investigator (PI) or Core/Service Director (Dir) include:

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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Circuits and Behavior

Cognitive Neuroscience

Computational Neuroscience

  • Unit on Computational Decision Neuroscience (PI: Dr. Silvia Lopez-Guzman)
  • Unit on the Neural Computations in Learning (PI: Dr. Angela Langdon)

Functional Imaging

Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

Neural Development and Plasticity

  • Section on Cellular and Cognitive Neurodevelopment (PI: Dr. James Bourne)
  • Section on Neuroplasticity (PI: Dr. Heather Cameron)
  • Section on Synapse Development Plasticity (PI: Dr. Zheng Li)



  • Unit on Translational Immunopsychiatry (PI: Dr. Chris Bartley)