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Laboratory of Brain and Cognition Laboratory of Brain and Cognition (LBC)

Select Publications

Plitt M., Barnes K.A., Martin A. Functional connectivity classification of autism identifies highly predictive brain features but falls short of biomarker standards.  NeuroImage: Clinical, 7, 359-366, 2015(PMCID: PMC4309950).

Simmons W.K., Rapuano K.M., Ingeholm J.E., Avery J., Kallman S, Hall K.D., Martin A. The ventral pallidum and orbitofrontal cortex support inferences about food pleasantness . Brain Structure and Function, 219, 473-483, 2014 (PMCID: PMC3676475).

Weisberg J., Milleville S.C., Kenworthy L., Wallace G.L., Gotts S.J., Beauchamp MS, Martin A. Social perception in autism spectrum disorders: Impaired category selectivity for dynamic but not static images in ventral temporal cortex . Cerebral Cortex,24, 37-48, 2014 (PMCID: PMC3862263).

Gotts S.J., Jo H.J., Wallace G.L., Saad Z.S., Cox R.W., Martin A. Two distinct forms of functional lateralization in the human brain . Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110:E3435–44 (PMCID: PMC3767540).

Simmons W.K., Rapuano K.M., Kallman S.J., Ingeholm J.E., Miller B., Gotts S.J., et al. Category-specific integration of homeostatic signals in caudal but not rostral human insula . Nat Neurosci. 2013;16:1551–2 (PMCID: PMC3835665).

Gotts S.J., Simmons W.K., Milbury L.A., Wallace G.L., Cox R.W., Martin A. Fractionation of social brain circuits in autism spectrum disorders . Brain. 2012 Sep;135(Pt 9):2711–25 (PMID: 22791801).

Gotts S.J., Chow C.C., Martin A. Repetition priming and repetition suppression: Multiple mechanisms in need of testing . Cognitive Neuroscience, 3, 250-259, 2012 (PMID: 24171755).

Martin A., Barnes K.A., Stevens W.D. Spontaneous neural activity predicts individual differences in performance.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 3201-3202, 2012 (PMCID: PMC3295279).

Ghuman AS, McDaniel JR, & Martin A. Face adaptation without a face . Current Biology, 20, 32-36, 2010.

Wallace G.L., Dankner N., Kenworthy L., Giedd J.N., Martin A. Age-related temporal and parietal cortical thinning in autism spectrum disorders . Brain. 2010 Dec 1;133(Pt 12):3745–54 (PMID 20926367).

Mahon B.Z., Milleville S.C., Negri G.A.L., Rumiati R.I., Caramazza A., Martin A. Action-Related Properties Shape Object Representations in thse Ventral Stream . Neuron. 2007;55:507–20 (PMID 17678861).

Martin A. The representation of object concepts in the brain . Annu Rev Psychol. 2007;58:25–45 (PMID 16968210).

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Beauchamp M.S., Lee K.E., Argall B.D., Martin A. Integration of auditory and visual information about objects in superior temporal sulcus . Neuron. 2004;41:809–23 (PMID 15003179).

Gil-da-Costa R., Braun A., Lopes M., Hauser M.D., Carson R.E., Herscovitch P., et al. Toward an evolutionary perspective on conceptual representation: species-specific calls activate visual and affective processing systems in the macaque . Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A . 2004 Dec 14;101(50):17516–21 (PMID 15583132).

Beauchamp M.S., Lee K.E., Haxby J.V., Martin A. Parallel visual motion processing streams for manipulable objects and human movements . Neuron. 2002;34:149–59 (PMID 11931749).

Chao L.L., Martin A. Representation of manipulable man-made objects in the dorsal stream . Neuroimage. 2000;12:478–84 (PMID 10988041).

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Chao L.L., Haxby J.V., Martin A. Attribute-based neural substrates in temporal cortex for perceiving and knowing about objects . Nature neuroscience. 1999 p. 913–9 (PMID 10491613).

Martin A., Wiggs C.L., Ungerleider L.G., Haxby J.V. Neural correlates of category-specific knowledge . Nature. 1996;379:649–52. (PMID 8628399).

Martin A., Haxby J.V., Lalonde F.M., Wiggs C.L., Ungerleider L.G. Discrete cortical regions associated with knowledge of color and knowledge of action . Science. 1995;270:102–5 (PMID 7569934).