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and treatment of mental illnesses.

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Laboratory of Neuropsychology Laboratory of Neuropsychology (LN)

Selected Publications

Averbeck B.B. and Costa, V.D., Motivational neural systems underlying reinforcement learning, Nature Neuro, In Press.

White, S.F., Geraci, M., Lewis, E., Leshin, J., Teng, C., Averbeck, B., Meffert, H., Ernst, M., Blair, J.R., Grillon, C., and Blair, K.S., Prediction error representation in individuals with generalized anxiety disorder during passive avoidance , Am J Psychiatry, 174:110-117, 2017.

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Lee, E., Seo, M., Dal Monte, O., and Averbeck, B.B., Injection of a dopamine type 2 receptor antagonist into the dorsal striatum disrupts choices driven by previous outcomes, but not perceptual inference , J Neurosci, 35:6298-6306, 2015.

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Seo, M., Lee, E., and Averbeck, B.B., Action selection and action value in frontal-striatal circuits , Neuron, 74: 947-960, 2012.