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SBN Section on Behavioral Neuroscience Section on Behavioral Neuroscience


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Ifeoma presenting at graduate poster day 2024
Ifeoma presenting at graduate poster day 2024
Matt presenting poster at SFN 2023
Matt presenting poster at SFN 2023
Taylor presenting poster at SFN 2022
Taylor presenting poster at SFN 2022
Guru (postdoc) standing in front of the chemical fume hood in the main equipment room, getting ready for histological processing
Guru Nagarajan preparing for histological processing
The behavioral test room equipped with computer automated touchscreen operant chambers to test cognition in rats. One computer runs two chambers, independently. Monitors on the wall track the animals’ behavior during testing
SBN behavioral test room with automated touchscreen
SBN lab workspace
SBN lab workspace
SBN Postbac IRTA Fellow Madeleine (Maddie) Perkins (left) and SBN Postdoc Fellow Gloria Laryea examine the expression of Green Florescent Protein (GFP) in brain tissue following viral infusion
SBN Postbac IRTA Fellows Madeleine (Maddie) Perkins and Gloria Laryea
Mike (postbac IRTA) sitting in the histology room cutting fine tissue sections on a cryostat
SBN Postbac IRTA Mike Leventhal
Fany (postdoc), sitting at her desk processing data on her computer
SBN Postdoc Fellow Fany Messanvi
Guru (postdoc), with his big friendly smile, is sitting in the wetlab analyzing Nissl stained brain tissue
SBN Postdoc Fellow Gurueswar (Guru) Nagarajan
A close-up photo of a single touchscreen operant chamber showing example of visual stimuli presented on the monitor. Rats make responses by touching the correct stimulus with their nose
Single touchscreen operant chamber with visual stimuli