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Subject Requirements

Subject Registration / IRB approval

  • All subjects participating in MEG studies are required to have a valid medical record number
  • An IRB approved consent form must be signed by all subjects prior to participating in any MEG research study. Investigators are required to satisfy all Clinical Center documentation requirements.
  • It will be the responsibility of the PI to assure that subjects are properly registered and have completed all consent forms and submitted all documentation.

Subject Screening

  • Unlike MRI, MEG and EEG pose no known risk to subjects, although certain subjects will be ruled out for participation in research due to factors involving metallic foreign bodies. Due to the high sensitivity of the MEG detectors, the presence of metal in the body may cause excessive artifacts in the data. In addition, certain physical conditions may make subjects ineligible to participate.
  • It will be the responsibility of the PI to pre-screen subjects for the below listed contraindications during the selection process.
  • Conditions that will rule out a subject due to excessive artifacts:
    • Cardiac pacemaker / Cardiac or neural defibrillators
    • Metal fragments in the eyes
    • Metal plates, pins, bolts, or other metallic implants in head (dental work, which the exception of braces and permanent retainers, is usually acceptable)
    • Neurostimulators
    • Implanted pumps (i.e., Insulin pumps)
  • Other Considerations Which May Rule Out a Subject:
    • Movement disorders (i.e.: tics, restless legs, etc.; any condition that may cause movement)
    • Vision / Hearing problems
    • Problems using response devices
    • Head size (subject’s head must be able to fit inside the MEG helmet comfortably

Subject Pre-Scan Instruction

  • It will be the responsibility of the PI to give subjects instructions prior to any scheduled MEG procedure.
  • Subjects should not to wear these items as they may generate excessive artifact:
    • Bras with underwires
    • Makeup (mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow)
    • Some moisturizing lotions
    • Clothing containing metallic (shiny) threads or glitter
    • Metal on clothing (i.e., metal buttons, snaps or trimming)
    • Hair accessories such as pony tail holders
  • Do not take shoes into the MSR. Remove your shoes before entering the MSR to prevent any magnetic dust from getting into the room.
  • Any subject who arrives unprepared i.e., has magnetic parts on their clothing that cannot be easily removed, may be issued non-magnetic clothing which will be provided by staff.