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MAY BE DELETED - IRP Microarray Core Facility - Available Clone Sets

The NHGRI is actively involved in adding new clones to their chips, and the following information represents the information pertaining to the number of sequence verified clones contained on the clone sets in the first quarter of 2002.

Human Array

The human standard chip contains over 13, 000 human sequence verified clones (~ 9,500 are functionally known or characterized genes, ~ 3,000 are genes whose open reading frame and protein sequence are known), The average clone size is around 1 kb and the majority of the clones represent the 3' end of the genes. Furthermore, the core will be processing another 15,000 genes representing mostly ESTs with the highest level of expression and tissue distribution.

Mouse Array

The Mm Array contains over 20,000 genes that represent over 15,000 mouse clusters in the Unigene data base. (There are about 5,000 redundant clusters with different clones)

Please note that researchers are encouraged to re-sequence any clone of interest before any validation or down stream experiments. There is an average of 5% mismatch in the sequence verified Set from Research Genetics Inc