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Previous Recipients of the NIMH Outstanding Resident Award - 2003

Robert Althoff, M.D., PhD - University of Vermont

Paul Borghesani, M.D., PhD - University of Washington School of Medicine

Eran Chemerinski, M.D. - Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Andrew Gerber, M.D., MSc - Cornell University

Xiaoduo Fan, M.D., MS - University of Buffalo

Jacqueline Hobbs, M.D., PhD - Indiana University

Cheryl McCullumsmith, M.D., PhD - University of Michigan

Robert McLay, M.D., PhD - Naval Medical Center

Zoe Martinez, M.D., PhD - University of California, Los Angeles

Eric Morrow, M.D., PhD - MGH McLean

Xavier Preud'homme, M.D. - Duke University

Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele, M.D. - University of Chicago