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and treatment of mental illnesses.

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Previous Recipients of the NIMH Outstanding Resident Award - 2006

Mina Bak, M.D. - San Mateo County Health System

Anibal Cravchik, M.D., PhD - George Washington University

Daniel Ebert, M.D., PhD - MGH McLean

Edmund Griffin, M.D., PhD - Columbia University

Brian Mickey, M.D., PhD - University of Michigan

Michael Milham, M.D., PhD - New York University

Shane Rau, M.D., PhD - University of Virginia

Carolyn Rodriguez, M.D., PhD - Columbia University

Gisela Sandoval, M.D., PhD - University of Chicago

Anna Solt M.D. - Harvard South Shore

Ottavio Vitolo, M.D. - Washington University School of Medicine

David Volk, M.D., PhD - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center