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Office of Technology Transfer


The NIMH Technology Transfer Office is committed to furthering the Institute's tradition of scientific excellence by working closely with investigators to facilitate the development of novel NIMH discoveries that have the potential to improve public health. Accordingly, the office carefully monitors, evaluates, and manages NIMH’s invention portfolio and promotes the formation of collaborative relationships between the Institute and the scientific community. Beginning with rigorous review of Employee Invention Reports (EIRs), the office manages patent prosecution of NIMH technologies, plays an active role in marketing these technologies to outside parties, works to license inventions to commercial partners, and oversees the distribution of royalties to NIMH inventors.

Additionally, the TTO negotiates a variety of technology transfer agreements between NIMH scientists and outside organizations, including other federal laboratories, state and local governments, universities, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Among these agreements are Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) for the exchange of research materials, Cooperative Research and Developments Agreements (CRADAs) for collaborative research endeavors, Clinical Trial Agreements (CTAs) for the conduct of preclinical and clinical studies in human subjects, and Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) for the exchange of confidential information.


Jennifer Wong, M.S.
Ph: 301-828-7307
Building 35A
Suite GE400

Anton Dawson, Ph.D.
Ph: 301-339-3200
Building 35A
Suite GE400

Inez Fields
Ph: 240-593-6901
Building 35A
Suite GE400