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Subconstruct: Visual Perception

RDoC Classification

Domain: Cognitive Systems > Construct: Perception


ACH Catecholamines GABA Glutamate NMDA Peptides Serotonin


Magno (non-linear gain control) Parvalbumin-positive interneurons Parvo Pyramidal cells



Koniocellular Magnocellular Parvocellular


Cortico-cortical connections into supra- and infra-granular layers Dorsal/ventral streams


Superior colliculus Suprachiasmatic nucleus

Local circuitry

Lateral interactions Top-down interactions

Implicated in contextual fields and association fields (responsible for the influence of spatial context on target processing)


Adaptation/ habituation BOLD activation of cortical regions ERP components Ncl Oscillations (scalp EEG, LFP, and single/multi-unit) ssVEP tVEP


Discrimination, identification and localization Perceptual learning Perceptual priming Reading Stimulus detection Visual acuity


Perceptual anomalies of schizophrenia and depression


Scheme 1: Stages of Vision

Early Vision

Local computations Retinotopic representations

Intermediate Vision

Nonlocal properties of images Transformations beyond retinotopic representations

Late Vision

Representations of external objects

Scheme 2: Commonly Used Research Paradigms

Backward masking Biological motion processing Bistability Coherent motion Contour integration/interpolation Contrast sensitivity Cross modality paradigms Emotion expression identification Face identification Figure ground Lateral facilitation Multistability Object perception Object recognition/perceptual closure/perceptual organization Parallel/serial search Reading Vernier discrimination Visual illusion susceptibility

Other Schemes

Action-Perception loops Re-entrant processing