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Development of the RDoC Framework

The initial development of the RDoC matrix was the collaborative effort of leading scientists across multiple workshops to articulate and define the knowledge for each of the five domains.

The proceedings of these meetings demonstrate the type of formative conversations that laid the foundation for each of the five domains that comprise RDoC:

  • Working Memory Workshop Proceedings, July 2010 (this construct is part of the Cognitive Systems Domain, but the meeting was conducted separately as a trial run for the entire workshop process) (HTML / PDF)
  • Negative Valence Systems Workshop Proceedings, March 2011 (HTML / PDF)
  • Positive Valence Systems Workshop Proceedings, June 2011 (HTML / PDF)
  • Cognitive Systems Workshop Proceedings, October 2011 (HTML / PDF)
  • Systems for Social Processes Workshop Proceedings, February 2012 (HTML / PDF)
  • Arousal/Regulatory Systems Workshop Proceedings, June 2012 (HTML / PDF)
  • Sensorimotor Domain Workshop Proceedings, September 2018 (PDF)

These documents are intended only as summaries of the workshops’ proceedings, and not as definitive scientific reviews of the many issues involved.