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RDoC Framework image description

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The RDoC framework image is meant to convey the integration and intersection of multiple components for mental health research. The image includes a large pale green circular ring titled “RDoC Framework.” Within this large circular ring are four smaller overlapping solid-colored circles placed in a cross formation (two circles placed vertically and two circles placed horizontally).

The circle located at the top of the group of four circles is orange colored. Within the circle is a straight line labeled with the word “Development.” Overtop this straight line is a curved line of the same length labeled “Lifespan.” These images are meant to highlight the important role of development in mental health across the lifespan.

Moving clockwise, the next circle is grey in color and contains the title “Units of Analysis.” Under this title are 5 white icons on a blue hexagonal background. The icons are a molecule, a brain, a hand holding a pencil, a person running, and a DNA strand. These images represent examples of the many ways to measure and understand the functional processes in mental health and illness.

The next image clockwise in rotation (the one placed in the bottom position) is green in color and contains the title “Environment.” Under this title are 4 white icons on a blue hexagonal background. The icons are a building, a tree, three people clustered together, the earth. These images represent the important impact of environmental and social factors on mental health and illness.

Moving clockwise, the final circle of the four is blue colored and contains the title “Domains.” Under this title are the words Arousal/Regulatory, Sensorimotor, Cognitive, Social Processes, Negative Valence, and Positive Valence.  This image represents some of the functional systems that can be examined in studies of mental health and illness.

Together, the interjoining circles represent the RDoC Framework’s emphasis on considering lifespan development, environmental factors, and fundamental biobehavioral processes, and the various ways we can measure these intertwined components when researching mental health and illness.

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