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Staff Listing for the Office for Disparities Research and Workforce Diversity

Office for Disparities Research and Workforce Diversity

Name Title Phone Number
Borba, Christina Office Director, ODWD 301-827-1165
Hill, Lauren Deputy Director, ODWD 301-443-2638
Amarreh, Ishmael Program Director, NIMH Diversity Supplement Program 301-451-5132
Davis, Beshaun Program Director, Minoritized Populations Mental Health Research 301-827-5098
Haynes, Brittany Program Director, Workforce Diversity and Equity 301-496-2767
Lewis Johnson, Tamara Prog Dir, Women's Mental Health Research 301-594-7963
McClendon, Juliette Prog Dir, Social Determinants of MH Disparities Research 301-379-0413
Meza-Cervera, Tatiana Prog Dir Diversity Supplements and Youth Mental Hlth Disparities 301-437-0670
Morales, Dawn Prog Dir, Rural and AIAN Mental Health Research 301-827-9668
Pham, Stephanie Special Volunteer 555-555-5555
Tran, Jing Operations Coordinator 301-496-9501
Villatte, Jennifer Prog Dir, Community Engaged MH Research 301-451-9365