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Staff Listing for the Office of Science Policy, Planning, and Communications

Office of Science Policy, Planning and Communications

Name Title Phone Number
Fox, Meredith Director, Office of Consitutency Relations and Public Liaison 301-402-1801
Mason, Julie Deputy Director 301-443-1220
Landers, Maura Program Analyst 301-480-6965
Wetherby, Susan Program Analyst 301-402-7278

Electronic Communications Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Qian, Flora Chief, Electronic Communications Branch 301-827-3452
Castano-Panesso, David Web Developer 301-480-8198
Dewit, Joel Web Developer 301-402-0279
Diaz-Rodriguez, Obed Web Application Developer (External Consultant) 703-516-8879
Manchala, Sudheer Web Developer (External Contractor) 703-321-6984
Nwabuoku, Eddie Web Developer 301-555-5555
Petersen, James IT Specialist 301-443-6346
Tran, Oula Web Developer (Contractor) 301-451-2808

Reports and Analysis Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Cross, Didi Chief, Reports and Analysis Branch 301-827-6077
Buckingham, Sandy Program Analyst 301-841-5558
Cohen, Elan Data Scientist 240-889-6735
Islam, Aminul Health Science Policy Analyst 301-451-9822
McDougall, Mariko Statistician 301-402-4599
Rowe, Monica Program Analyst 240-595-4163
Skelton, Grey Statistician 301-594-7872

Science Policy and Evaluation Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Chai, Mindy Chief, Science Policy and Evaluation Branch 301-443-2392
Barnett, Brian Health Science Policy Analyst 301-435-7644
Burgdorf, Caitlin Health Science Policy Analyst 301-435-1147
Cox, Lisa Lead Government Information Specialist 443-532-1786
Hamill, Katie Health Science Policy Analyst 301-827-7020
Hooper, Andrew Health Science Policy Analyst 301-480-8433
Jacobs-Brichford, Eliza Health Science Policy Analyst 301-480-8316
Scheinert, Rachel Lead Health Science Policy Analyst 301-451-0292
Woodward, Katherine Scientific Program Analyst 301-827-6065

Science Writing, Press, and Dissemination Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Zeigler, Natalie Chief, Science Writing, Press, and Dissemination Branch 301-435-8687
Cole, Claire Lead Public Affairs Specialist 301-827-2315
Helfert, Samantha Lead Communications Specialist 301-451-0274
Jarmusz, Tony Science Writer 240-384-8908
Kamali, Setareh Health Communications Specialist 301-827-9673
Kamin, Hayley Scientific Technical Writer 301-555-5555
Mikulak, Anna Science Writer
Ovelmen, Heather Content Strategist 301-827-6663
Piper, Maya Health Communications Specialist 301-555-5555
Rienzo, Marie Health Communications Specialist 301-555-5555