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Discovery of Probes for Novel Brain Targets


Linda Brady, Ph.D.
Division of Neuroscience and Basic Behavioral Science


The goal of this initiative would be to accelerate the discovery and validation of new biological targets for treating brain disorders.


This initiative would complement existing NIMH-participating initiatives that aim to support research at multiple stages in the drug development pipeline, including assay development and screening (PAR-17-438 ); optimization and early preclinical discovery (PAR-19-146 , PAR-19-147 ); and, the transition from early discovery to Phase I Clinical Trials (PAR-18-541 , PAR-18-546 ). Further, this initiative could potentially support the development of novel chemical probes from hit molecules discovered under the assay development and screening initiative (PAR-17-438 ). These chemical probes could then be used to uncover new biology related to its biological target and provide initial validation of novel treatment targets. They could also be used as chemical starting points for further discovery efforts under the Blueprint Neurotherapeutics program (PAR-18-541 , PAR-18-546 ), or through small business development initiatives.