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Moving to a Different Organization

Many NIH grant mechanisms allow the principal investigator to bring their grants with them when they change recipient organizations. This is subject to approval by NIH, and there are specific procedures which must be followed in order to make this process run smoothly (and relatively quickly!). If you are a current NIMH recipient, you MUST contact your NIMH Program Official (PO) and Grants Management Specialist (GMS) BEFORE your move, in order to initiate the process of transferring your grant.

NOTE: Contact information for the CURRENT NIMH PO and GMS assigned to your grant can be found in eRA Commons.

It is important to let NIH know your plans as far in advance as possible; the timing of your transfer request can have significant implications. Please do not wait until after you have moved to contact us about transferring your grant. NIH recommends that you begin the formal process of requesting the transfer of your grant at least 60 days in advance of your move to the new organization.

The first step in this process is to contact your PO to discuss the feasibility of the transfer. If no concerns are raised by your PO, then your next step is to contact the GMS assigned to your award. The GMS is your main NIMH point of contact concerning the transfer process. The GMS can assist with questions about the submission of required documentation, such as the relinquishing statement and transfer application.

The process of transferring a grant or grant application to a different organization is known as a "Change of Recipient Organization” request. Informational materials are required from both the original recipient (Relinquishing Statement) and the proposed new recipient (Transfer Application). Further information on the Change of Recipient Organization is also available in the section entitled "Prior Approval Requirements" in the NIH Grants Policy Statement.

Once the documentation is received, grants management and program staff will conduct an administrative review of the request to determine if the transfer is appropriate, and to determine the level of NIH funding that will be awarded to the new recipient. The decision to authorize transfer of the grant will be based upon the following criteria:

  • The project has been relinquished by the original organization.
  • The facilities and resources at the new location allow for the successful performance of the project.
  • The investigator plans no significant changes in research objectives and level of expenditures from those described in the previously approved project.

If the proposed change of recipient organization request does not meet these criteria, competitive review will be required.

NIH recently implemented a pilot electronic process for the submission of required transfer documents for most grant mechanisms. General information on this electronic submission process can be found at the following links:

RELINQUISHING STATEMENT (Former Recipient – submitted via eRA Commons):

TRANSFER APPLICATION (New Recipient – submitted via and

The instructions in this form letter provide specific details about the electronic submission process, including required forms and information that must be submitted to NIMH before your Change of Recipient Organization request can be reviewed.

The Electronic Submission Process is the preferred method of submission for most Transfer Situations and may become the required method of submission in the future. However, for the following scenarios the Electronic Submission Process is not applicable:

  • Mechanisms not listed in PA-14-078
  • Prior to Award Transfers
    • PLEASE NOTE: Prior to Award Transfers do not require the Relinquishing Statement (Form PHS 3734). In lieu of the Relinquishing Statement, a signed letter from the former recipient’s Authorized Organization Representative relinquishing rights to the pending grant award is required. This letter should be submitted as a PDF attachment to the GMS and the PO.

In these situations, the Relinquishing Statement and Transfer Application materials should be submitted directly to your GMS and PO via email as a PDF attachment, using the PHS-398 Forms. Details on the required form pages for this “paper submission process” can be found in section of the NIH Grants Policy Statement entitled “Change of Recipient Organization”.