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PA-MH-14-238 Administrative Supplements for Minority Health and Mental Health Disparities Research (Admin Supp)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My grant will have fewer than 12 months remaining at the time of application, but I plan to request a no-cost extension. Is my grant eligible to receive this supplement?

No. As explained in PA-14-238  Section III , support for the parent grant must end no earlier than July 31, 2015. A no-cost extension period will not be considered when determining time remaining on the parent grant.

2. I am an investigator on a K (Career Development) Award. Is my grant eligible for this supplement?

No. Only grants with activity codes listed in PA-14-238  (P01, P50, R01, R21, R34, R37 U01, and U19) are eligible to receive NIMH Administrative Supplements for Minority Health and Mental Health Disparities Research.

3. I have a grant administered by another NIH Institute. Is my grant eligible for this supplement?

No. Only grants administered by NIMH are eligible to receive NIMH Administrative Supplements for Minority Health and Mental Health Disparities Research.

4. Is the maximum budget for my request limited to 25% of the current direct costs for the parent grant or 25% of all years? Can my request exceed this amount?

Administrative supplements are generally limited to 25% of current direct costs of the parent grant. For example, a grant awarded $100,000 per year for five years may generally request up to $25,000 per year. In exceptional circumstances, a request may exceed this amount. However, in these exceptional cases application budgets are limited to no more than the amount of the current parent award, and must reflect the actual needs of the proposed project.

5. How independent/connected does the supplement need to be relative to the parent grant?

The supplement activities should not be independent of the parent grant; the research objectives must be within the scope of the peer reviewed and approved parent project. The supplement’s modifications to the parent project should increase or preserve the overall impact of that project consistent with its originally approved objectives and purposes.

6. How do I know if my supplement is within scope of the parent grant?

A change in scope is a change in the direction, aims, objectives, purposes, or type of research training, identified in the approved project. Additional information about scope is available at . While preparing the application, potential applicants are encouraged to discuss the appropriateness of the scope of their project with their NIMH Program Officer.

7. What are the page limitations for the administrative supplement?

The page limitations for an application under this administrative supplement are the same as those for the mechanism of the parent award. In other words, if you are writing an application for a supplement to an R01, the page limits for the application are those of the R01 mechanism. The Page Limitations section of the program announcement has a link ( ) to the NIH Table of Page Limits where you can see the limits that apply to each mechanism.

8. Can a co-PI (on a multi-PI award) submit as PI on the application?

If the parent award includes multiple PIs, a supplement may be requested by any (or all) of the PIs and submitted by the awardee institution of the parent award. To be considered a multiple PI, the individual must be registered in eRA Commons as a PI on the parent award.

9. Can a PI on a multi-site R01 submit as PI on a single site application?

Yes, each PI on a multi-site R01 would need to submit his/her own supplement application. Any one site or all of the sites can apply.

10. What factors will be considered in reviewing the applications?

The review criteria are listed in Section V of the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) .

Among the factors considered in reviewing the applications are:

  • The research is within scope of the currently approved aims of the parent award.
  • The research question(s) meet the scientific purposes described in the FOA in terms of advancing disparities research.
  • The research question(s) address the scientific priorities of the program, branch and division where the parent award is supported.
  • The project meets all of the administrative, budgetary, policy and other requirements described or referenced in the FOA.

11. Are all sections of the application for the parent grant mechanism required if there are no changes from the parent grant in those sections?

You are not required to submit any part of the application that is the same as information previously submitted for parent grant (e.g. Senior/Key Person Profile, Project/Performance Site Locations, human subjects information, etc.) However, if there are any changes to this information these forms must be submitted. If submitting electronically, keep in mind that that the system will require all mandatory forms be complete in order for the system to accept your application.