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Step 1 — Getting Started

Whom do I contact and when? During the course of the application process there are several key persons applicants should contact. Call the Program Officer to discuss your research idea and for information about the application process prior to preparing an application. After submission of the application, questions pertinent to review assignment should be directed to the Scientific Review Administrator (SRA). Following the review process, questions about the reviews and scoring should be directed to the Program Officer. For questions about the budget at any time during the process and administrative concerns after a grant is awarded, contact the Grants Management Specialist. Detailed descriptions of these staff are included with the subsequent Steps.

List of Program Officers

Research Areas—Click here to navigate among different NIMH extramural research components in order to find the most relevant branch/program contact for your research.

NIMH Staff Directories—Click here for all NIMH staff 's phone numbers and email addresses, including program officers and grants management specialists.

Before applying for research funding, be sure that your area of expertise and your research ideas are a good match for funding from NIMH. You should become familiar with the application process, different grant mechanisms, review criteria, review process, and NIMH research areas and priorities before you start preparing your application.

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