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Things to Consider Before Applying

Some key questions to consider before you start writing your application include:

  • In thinking about your research have you determined:
    • What you intend to do?
    • Why is the work important?
    • How is your work relevant to mental health?
    • What has already been done?
    • How you are going to do the work?
  • Have you prepared a brief concept paper?
  • Have you prepared to do the project?
  • Have you developed preliminary data?
  • Have you discussed your ideas and asked for critiques from colleagues?
  • Have you discussed with others their experience with the NIH application process?
  • Have you read through the PHS Form 398 or PHS 424 R&R, and other NIH application forms ?
  • Have you thought about preparing a budget?
  • Have you identified sources of funding in addition to NIH?
  • In considering what grant mechanism to use have you:
    • Matched where you are in your career (predoctoral, postdoctoral, new faculty)?
    • Matched the type of research you will do (basic, risk and protective factors, intervention, secondary analysis)?
    • Matched the type of funds needed (how much, for how long)?

Additional help for writing the application can be found at the Office of Extramural Research Home Page. 

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