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BRAIN Initiative Informatics Infrastructure chart description

This text describes the chart seen on the NIMH Data Sharing for Applicants and Awardees page:

The BRAIN Initiative Informatics Infrastructure chart shows the informatics infrastructure associated with eight data collection modalities: Optical Microscopy; EM, XRM; Multi-omics; MRI; Non-Invasive Devices; EEG, MEG; Invasive Devices; and Cellular Neurophysiology. Each modality includes a data archive and the software tool(s) implemented. Some also include data standards which reinforce data sharing and rigor and reproducibility. The names of the investigators associated with each data archive, software tool, and data standard are also included. The Optical Microscopy modality contains the BIL data archive (Investigator: Ropelewski) and the data standard used is 3D Microscopy Standards (Investigator: Hamilton). The EM, XRM modality includes bossDB data archive (Investigator: Wester) and SABER software tool (Investigator: Gray Roncal). The Multi-omics modality includes the NEMO data archive (Investigator: White), the NEMO-Analytics software tool (Investigator: Hertzano), and the Single Neuron Analyzer software tool (Investigator: Mukamel). The Non-Invasive Devices modality includes the SimNIBS software tool (Investigator: Opitz); no data archive has been funded. The MRI modality contains the OpenNeuro data archive (Investigator: Poldrack), and three software tools: BioImage Suite (Investigator: Papademetris), C-PAC (Investigator: Milham), and AFNI (Investigator: Cox). Both the MRI and EEG, MEG modalities adopted the BIDS data standard (Investigator: Poldrack), which is related to the Controlled Vocabularies data standard (Investigator: Keator). The EEG, MEG modality also includes the NEMAR data archive (Investigator: Makeig), which extends the OpenNeuro data archive used by the MRI modality to EEG/MEG data. The Invasive Devices modality contains the DABI data archive (Investigator: Toga) and the RAVE software tool (Investigator: Beauchamp). The Cellular Neurophysiology modality includes the DANDI data archive (Investigator: Ghosh), and the JRCLUST+ software tool (Investigator: Kimmel), and has adopted the NWB-N data standard (Investigator: Ruebel). Two other data standards are listed in the chart and are related to all data collection modalities: Common Data Interface (Investigator: Van Hooser) and Behavioral Data Standards (Kepes).