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Use of Mental Health Services and Treatment Among Children

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)  show that approximately half (50.6 percent) of children with mental disorders had received treatment for their disorder within the past year. There were some differences between treatment rates depending on the category of mental disorder. Children with anxiety disorders were the least likely (32.2 percent) to have received treatment in the past year.

Mental Health Service Use for Children(8–15 years)

Use of mental health services and treatment among children.  Mental health service use for children ages 8-15 in terms of percent with disorder

Demographics Associated with Mental Health (MH) Service Use:

  • Females are 50 percent less likely than males to use MH services.
  • 12–15 year olds are 90 percent more likely than 8–11 year olds to use MH services.
  • No differences were found between races for mood, anxiety, or conduct disorders. Mexican Americans and other Hispanic youth had significantly lower 12-month rates of ADHD compared to non-Hispanic white youth.

Data courtesy of CDC