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Friday, October 16, 2015
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Introductions, Goals, and Vision of the Meeting
Thomas Insel MD, Aleksandra Vicentic PhD, and Andrew Rossi PhD


Non-invasive Brain Stimulation (NIBS) for Clinical Use
Moderators: Flavio Frohlich PhD and Danielle Basset PhD

Holly Lisanby, MD (Duke Institute for Brain Sciences)
Enhancement of cognitive performance with TMS and other neuromodulatory techniques: gaps and opportunities

Flavio Frohlich, PhD (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Mechanistic understanding of how non-invasive brain stimulation methods modulate large scale cortical network activity

Josef Parvizi, MD, PhD (Stanford School of Medicine)
Exploring the spatiotemporal dynamics of functional networks in the human brain using a multimodal approach

Lucas Parra, PhD (The City College of New York)
Cellular and network effects of transcranial electrical stimulation with weak currents

9:45am Questions & Round Table Discussions
10:15am Coffee Break

Non-invasive Brain Stimulation; Pre-Clinical Use
Moderators: Steven Schiff MD PhD, Robert Kass PhD, Aleksandra Vicentic PhD

Theodore Zanto, PhD (University of California, San Francisco)
Individual differences in TMS effects: from functional connectivity to functional recruitment

Joel Voss, PhD (Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine)
Nonsurgical stimulation targeting hippocampal networks and memory in humans

György Buzsáki, MD, PhD (New York University)
Synchrony, asynchrony and metachrony: implications for open- and closed-loop interventions

11:15am Questions & Round Table Discussion
11:45am Lunch

Computational Modeling of Non-invasive Brain Stimulation
Moderators: Holly Lisanby MD and Andrew Rossi PhD

Stephanie Jones, PhD (Brown University)
Bridging the gap between MEG/EEG measured rhythms and their underlying cellular and network level generators with biophysically principled computational neural models

Steven Schiff, MD, PhD (Pennsylvania State University)
Unification of neuronal spikes, seizures, and spreading depression

Danielle Bassett, PhD (University of Pennsylvania)
Network controllability as a fundamental mechanism of executive function

Xiao-Jing Wang, PhD (New York University)
Frequency-dependent inter-areal interaction in a large-scale circuit model of the primate cortex

2:00pm Questions & Round Table Discussion
2:30pm Coffee Break

Novel Empirical and Theoretical Approaches to Non-invasive Brain Stimulation
Moderators: Robert Kass PhD and Joseph Parvizi MD PhD

Vikaas Sohal, MD, PhD (University of California, San Francisco)
Inhibitory neuron-generated gamma oscillations regulate cognitive flexibility in mice

Read Montague, PhD (Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute)
A mélange of errors: sub-second dopamine fluctuations in human striatum encode superposed error signals about actual and counterfactual reward

Earl Miller, PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Cognition is rhythmic: implications for brain stimulation

Alik Widge, MD, PhD (Massachusetts General Hospital)
Network-level changes from subcortical brain stimulation: lessons learned and implications for noninvasive technologies


Questions & Round Table Discussion

Gap Areas and Opportunities

Setting the Agenda for Future Research

5:00pm Meeting Adjourns