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Computational Psychiatry: Opportunities and Challenges for the Future


Location: Bethesda, MD

The NIMH Office of Director held a scientific workshop on computational psychiatry. The overarching goal was to determine how NIMH can support the development of computational approaches to improve the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses. NIMH envisions computational psychiatry perspectives, tools, and models as having utility for a wide range of clinical and fundamental science applications. The specific goals of this workshop were to: identify how computational psychiatry as a field can move forward; foster the development of a community of scholars working in fields related to computational psychiatry; and to ensure alignment of perspectives between investigators and NIMH to foster this nascent field. To achieve these goals, NIMH brought together scientists from a wide range of relevant research sectors. The workshop largely consisted of breakout groups facilitated by the workshop participants and addressed questions regarding the current opportunities and challenges in four key areas: evaluation of the field, computation, psychiatry, and basic/fundamental science research. Approximately 90 investigators and program staff attended.