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NeuroHIV in the ART era


Location: Bethesda, MD

Sponsored by:
NIMH Division of AIDS Research

Despite the effectiveness of Anti-retroviral therapy (ART), HIV-induced CNS dysfunction persists, but a significant heterogeneity in the prevalence and severity of these disturbances still exist. Brain autopsy findings from HIV positive individuals on ART have revealed a paucity of the distinctive pathologic findings seen in the pre-ART era. At this critical juncture, to evaluate and understand the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms, the co-morbid conditions, and the chronic inflammatory state that leads to a complicated heterogenous clinical presentation, the Division of AIDS Research at NIMH, in collaboration with Program from NINDS, NIAID, NIDA, NIA, NICHD, and the NIH Office of AIDS Research convened the “NeuroHIV in the ART era.”

The following topics were discussed at the meeting:

  • Current understanding of HIV-induced neuropathogenesis and the associated clinical presentation;
  • Influence of co-morbidities on pathogenesis and diagnosis of HIV/CNS disease;
  • Impact of HIV-induced inflammation & neuroimmune mediators on the CNS and impact of HIV CNS reservoirs on pathogenesis and cure efforts.

Experts from the fields of NeuroHIV, neuroimaging, co-morbidities research, biomarkers and CNS viral reservoirs participated in the meeting. A concise report with key highlights and gaps discussed at the meeting will be published and shared with the broader research community.