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Stakeholder Engagement

NIMH Activities with Interested Constituent Organizations

NIMH values opportunities to engage in dialogue with the advocacy community whose members act as advisors, educators, fund raisers, practice association leaders, and public policy advocates. The NIMH Office of Communications Relations and Public Liaison (OCRPL) coordinates several programs that provide mental health research stakeholders the means to offer feedback on NIMH's priorities and initiatives:

NIMH Professional Coalition for Research Progress

Learn about the Coalition, a group of senior leaders and representatives from national professional organizations, convened to share information NIMH research advances and foster dialogue on the future directions of NIMH-funded research.

NIMH Alliance for Research Progress

Read summaries from previous Alliance meetings which bring together leaders from national mental health-related organizations representing and advocating for patients and their families.

Connect with NIMH

NIMH Newsletters

Sign up for NIMH email newsletters to keep informed about NIMH research, activities, and changes to the website.

Role of Public Participants in NIMH Grant Reviews

Read how public participants are included as reviewers of research grant applications on some review panels at NIMH. 

Participate in a Clinical Trial

Find out more about clinical research, including why people participate in studies and how to find NIMH-sponsored clinical studies.

NIMH Gift Fund

Learn how to make a contribution to the NIMH Gift Fund.

NIMH Public Liaison

For questions about stakeholder activities at NIMH contact the Institute’s Public Liaison Officer. The point of contact is:

NIMH Public Liaison Officer
Phyllis Ampofo
Phone: (301) 451-2803
Fax: (301) 496-3850
6001 Executive Boulevard
MSC 9617
Bethesda, MD 20892-9669