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Molecular Imaging Branch (MIB)

2.2 Labeling Agents

2 Research Method Development

2.2 Labeling agents

From its inception, the PRSS began to build its capability for producing important labeling agents. Presently available agents include [11C]carbon dioxide, [11C]carbon monoxide, [11C]methyl iodide, [11C]methyl triflate, [11C]carboxylic acid chlorides, [18F]fluoride ion, [18F]fluoromethyl bromide4, [18F]2-fluoroethyl tosylate4 and [18F]fluoropropyl tosylate4. Routes to these labeling agents with their principal applications in preparing radiotracers for our program are shown in Figure 1. The preparation of new labeling agents was also accomplished, including [11C]methanesulfonyl chloride5 and various [18F]fluoroethyl sulfonates,6 which expand the breadth of our radiochemistry capability.

Figure 1: Principle routes for producing 11C- and 18F-labeled tracers