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Ifeoma Azinge

Headshot of Ifeoma Azinge
Graduate student
B.A. Psychology, University of Maryland Baltimore

Ifeoma Azinge joined the Chudasama lab in September 2023 as a graduate student, part of the Brown University-NIH Graduate Partnership Program (GPP). She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, obtaining a bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in biology. To further her research experience, she joined the lab of Dr. Kamran Khodakhah at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York to examine the role of a cerebellum-hypothalamic circuit in social behaviors. As a graduate student in the Chudasama lab, Ifeoma is pursuing projects investigating the role of septal galanin in executive and social behaviors.

Peer-Reviewed Papers


Azinge, I., Cayla N., Onate M., Khodakhah K. A monosynaptic Cerebellar-Hypothalamic Circuit contributes to Regulation of Social Behaviors (2022). Oral presentation at the University of Pennsylvania

Azinge, I., Cui, C., Noh, J., Michel, M., Gorospe, M., Schlessinger, D. STIM1, but not STIM2, is the Calcium Sensor Critical for Sweat Secretion (2017). National Institutes of Health Summer Student Poster Day