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Section on Neural Function Section on Neural Function (SNF)

Selected Publications


Elliott, A.D., Berndt, A., Houpert, M., Roy, S., Scott, R.L., Chow, C.C., Shroff, H., White, B.H. (2021) eLife 10:e68656 [doi: 10.7554/eLife.68656 ]. Pupal behavior emerges from unstructured muscle activity in response to neuromodulation in Drosophila.

Scott, R.L., Diao, F., Silva, V., Park, S., Luan, H., Ewer, J., White, B.H. (2020) iScience 23:101108. Non-canonical Eclosion Hormone-Expressing Cells Regulate Drosophila Ecdysis. PMID: 32408174 

Diao, F., Elliott, A., Diao, F., Shah, S., White, B. H. (2017) eLife Nov 22;6. pii: e29797. Neuromodulatory connectivity defines the structure of a behavioral neural network. PMID: 29165248 

Diao F, Mena W, Shi J, Park D, Diao F, Taghert P, Ewer J, White BH. The splice isoforms of the Drosophila Ecdysis Triggering Hormone Receptor have developmentally distinct roles. (2016) Genetics. 202:175-89. PMID: 26534952 

Luan H, Diao F, Peabody NC, White BH. Command and compensation in a neuromodulatory decision network. (2012) J Neurosci. 32:880-9. PMID: 22262886 

Genetic Tools

Luan, H., Kuzin, A., Odenwald, W.F., White, B.H. (2020) eLIFE: Apr 14;9:e53041. Cre-assisted fine-mapping of neural circuits using orthogonal split inteins. PMID: 32286225 

Dolan, M.-J., Luan, H., Shropshire, W.C., Sutcliffe, B., Cocanougher, B., Scott, R.L., Frechter, S., Zlatic, M., Jefferis, G.S.X.E., White, B.H. (2017) Genetics 206:775-784. Facilitating neuron-specific genetic manipulations in Drosophila using a Split GAL4 repressor. PMID: 28363977 

Diao F, Ironfield H, Luan H, Diao F, Shropshire WC, Ewer J, Marr E, Potter CJ, Landgraf M, White BH. (2015) Cell Rep. 10:1410-21. Plug-and-play genetic access to Drosophila cell types using exchangeable exon cassettes. PMID: 25732830 

Luan, H., Peabody, N.C., Vinson, C.R., and White B. H. (2006) Neuron 52:425-436. Refined spatial manipulation of neuronal function by combinatorial restriction of transgene expression. PMID: 17088209 


Sullivan, LF, Barker MS, Felix, PC, Vuong, RQ, White, BH (2022) Neuromodulation and the toolkit for behavioural evolution: can ecdysis shed light on an old problem? FEBS J. DOI: .

Luan, H., Diao, F., Scott, R. L. and White, B.H. (2020) Front Neural Circuit 14:603397. [doi: 10.3389/fncir.2020.603397 ]. The Drosophila Split Gal4 System for Neural Circuit Mapping.

White, B.H. (2016) J. Neurogenet. 30:54-61.What genetic model organisms offer the study of behavior and neural circuits. PMID: 27328841 

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