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Magenetic Resonance Spectroscopy Core

Proton Spectroscopy of Rat Brain

For the in vivo studies using rat models, various localized proton spectroscopy techniques have been developed on an 11.7 T spectrometer with 89-mm vertical bore magnet. This high field spectrometer provides excellent signal-to-noise ratio and spectral resolution which allows user to observe certain NMR signals that are not detected in the lower field spectrometers.

MRS Techniques Image

Figure 6 (above) is an in vivo 1H short-TE spectrum acquired using the adiabatic three dimensional localization method (TR/TE = 5000/15 ms, 3.5 × 2.0 × 4.5 mm3, NS = 128) from an oblique spectroscopy voxel. The phosphocreatine methylene peak at 3.93 ppm and creatine methylene peak at 3.92 ppm are clearly resolved. The labeled peaks are: 1,5,6-myo-Inositol; 2-phosphocreatine; 3-creatine; 4, 17-glutamine+glutamate, 7,8-taurine; 9-choline-containing compounds; 10-phosphocreatine+creatine; 11-aspartate; 12,13,18-N-acetylaspartate; 14-glutamine; 15-glutamate; 16-gamma-aminobutyric acid; 19- lactate.