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and treatment of mental illnesses.

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Current Projects

Around 2021-22, current projects include:

  • Continuing expansion of FMRI pipeline capabilities with, including further quality control (QC) pieces and inclusions of multi-echo FMRI processing.
  • Expanding the applications of linear-mixed effects (LME) modeling, given its ability to capture the meaningful hierarchies present in data;  this flexible methodology has been applied to several new realms recently, in some cases leveraging a Bayesian framework for data pooling and numerical tractability.
  • Adding new slice plane functionality to SUMA, for enhancing data visualization capabilities within complicated structures;  also, adding surface layer functionality to SUMA.
  • Building pipelines for nonhuman imaging, which is a growing area of research.
  • Scaling up pipeline capabilities toward full group analyses, for both processing and QC.
  • Developing machine learning tools for skullstripping and segmentation of anatomical images.
  • Integrating further with other packages within the neuroimaging field.
  • Implementing methodologies and frameworks for better science reporting:  a focus on modeling and validation, rather than just statistical outputs; and presenting a fuller set of results, rather than losing a lot of information by thresholding.