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Negative Valence Systems: Sustained Threat - NIMH Research Domain Criteria (RDoC)

Domain: Negative Valence Systems
Construct: Sustained Threat
————— Units of Analysis —————
Genes Molecules Cells Circuits Physiology Behavior Self-Reports Paradigms


See reference: Heim JAMA article

Decreased prefrontal and hippocampal arborization;
Increased microglia

Dysregulation of amygdala reactivity;
Dysregulation of cingulate reactivity;
Attention network (per Corbetta and Schulman);
PVT (differentiates between acute and sustained);
Hypothalamic nuclei;
Habit systems (Striatum/
Increased activation of vigilance network including visual cortex

Dysregulated HPA axis;
Increased amplitude of error-related negativity;

Anxious arousal;
Increased conflict detection;
Attentional bias to threat;
Anhedonia/decreased appetitive behavior;
Helplessness behavior;
Decreased libido;
Punishment sensitivity;
Increased perseverative behavior;
Memory retrieval deficits