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Transforming the understanding
and treatment of mental illnesses.

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Methodology and Data-Science of Behavior in HIV Program


This program supports research studies that advance methodological and data-analytic approaches to collect, integrate, estimate and/or analyze HIV-related data that contain mental health, psychosocial, neurocognitive, and or neurologic measures. This program also supports approaches to identify new factors or combination of factors that may lead to the development of novel HIV-related insights and interventions.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Develop approaches for valid and reliable assessment or estimation of mental health, psychosocial, neurocognitive and neurologic variables in large HIV cohort studies and from Big Data of HIV infected or at-risk populations.
  • Develop, adapt, and apply advanced data analytic techniques such as machine learning and causal inference to integrated diverse datasets to discover underlying latent factors in complex neurobehavioral, sociobehavioral, and neurobiological systems related to HIV acquisition, care, and comorbidities that may lead to the identification of new intervention approaches.
  • Develop, adapt, and apply state-of-the-art modeling techniques, including synthetic databases, to test the effect of HIV bio-behavioral interventions which include mental health factors as well as structural factors (e.g., gender, power, economics, violence, and stigma and discrimination) on HIV acquisition, engagement in care, and other HIV outcomes.


Pim Brouwers, PhD
5601 Fishers Lane Rm 9E21; MSC 9831
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