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and treatment of mental illnesses.

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Disparities in Mental Health Services Research Program


This program plans, stimulates, disseminates, and supports research on the complex factors that influence disparities in mental health services, particularly across special population groups such as racial and ethnic groups, as well as women and children, and persons living in rural and frontier areas. The program addresses care delivered in a variety of settings such as the specialty mental health sector, the general medical sector, and community settings (such as schools). Also, it supports research that examines innovative services interventions (such as community-based participatory methods, faith-based) to overcome mental health disparities related to mental health service delivery and use.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Studies to address the reduction of disparities in services using multilevel interventions (such as organizational and community).
  • Use of community-based participatory research techniques to enhance the relevance of research questions and improve uptake of findings.
  • Adaptation of evidence-based practices to reduce disparities.


Michael C. Freed, Ph.D., EMT
Program Chief