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Transforming the understanding
and treatment of mental illnesses.

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Novel Strategies for Treatment of Developmental Psychopathology


The overarching goal of this program is to support research using an experimental medicine approach to foster development of novel strategies for assessment, treatment, and recovery from mental illnesses in children and adolescents. This program supports the development of novel cognitive, behavioral, and other psychosocial interventions. This program also supports studies that administer an evidence-based intervention to investigate the mechanisms of treatment effect and/or to identify biomarkers of treatment response.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Development of novel interventions that alter or retune neural circuitry to target specific processes (cognitive, affective, reward, social, biobehavioral, or motor/sensorimotor) that are often shared across multiple disorders
  • Investigations of established interventions to understand the neural mechanisms of their action and/or adverse effects
  • Translational research studies that leverage the explanatory power of a randomized design to understand neural mechanisms underlying mental illnesses in children and adolescents
  • Studies to identify or develop biomarkers or biosignatures that predict which treatment is likely to benefit a given patient


Marjorie Garvey, MB, BCh.
Program Chief
6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 7222