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Blood– brain barrier and HIV reservoirs in the CNS—formation and eradication


September 13–15, 2017


Krakow, Poland

Sponsor(s): NIMH Division of AIDS Research

The NIMH Division of AIDS Research hosted a session entitled “Blood– brain barrier and HIV reservoirs in the CNS—formation and eradication” in conjunction with the 20th International Symposium on Signal Transduction at the Blood–Brain Barriers . The session focused on research related to the role of BBB in regulating the establishment HIV reservoirs in the CNS and approaches for eradicating HIV by targeting the barrier. Specifically, the NIMH session addressed mechanisms of monocyte trafficking into the CNS, regulation of reservoir formation in neural progenitor cells and pericytes, blood-brain barrier function and risk of CSF HIV Escape and strategies to target the brain with broadly neutralizing antibodies. This session also provided opportunities for HIV CNS Researchers to interact with BBB researchers from a number of fields. Abstracts from this meeting are published in Fluids and Barriers in CNS (Fluids Barriers CNS 2017, 14(Suppl 2):27 )