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Technical Assistance Webinar: The Scalable and Systematic Neurobiology of Psychiatric and Neurodevelopmental Disorder Risk Genes


October 26, 2023



A technical assistance webinar was held for prospective applicants of the following Notice of Funding Opportunity: The Scalable and Systematic Neurobiology of Psychiatric and Neurodevelopmental Disorder Risk Genes (SSPsyGene) Consortium: Assay and Data Generation Centers  (RM1) (RFA-MH-24-145). National Institute of Mental Health staff answered questions related to this funding opportunity.

Awards under this funding opportunity will be part of a collaborative consortium with the long-term goal of developing a comprehensive phenotypic catalog across biological scales for genes and gene variants associated with neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders (NPDs). This resource will be made available for broad use by the biomedical community.

The SSPsyGene Consortium will support multidisciplinary research centers to optimize and implement systematic and scalable approaches for characterizing the developmental, molecular, cellular, systems, and organismal neurobiological function of genes associated with risk for NPDs. The resulting phenotypic data will be integrated across modalities, levels of organization, and genes to create a harmonized, integrated knowledge base that forms a solid foundation of data needed to make robust inferences into potential shared and unique disease mechanisms.

To accomplish this objective, NIMH established and proposes to expand a consortium of investigators at multiple sites and with broad expertise in the areas of genomics, high throughput technology, and neurobiology, linked together through a central Data Resource and Administrative Coordination Center that serves to promote collaboration and communication and to provide data integration across the consortium.

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SSPsyGene Consortium – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)