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White House Mental Health Virtual Event: How Science Offers Hope for Treatment-Resistant Depression 

Dr. Zarate speaks to Dr. Carrie D. Wolinetz, Deputy Director for Health & Life Sciences at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy about work to develop new medications for treatment-resistant depression and describes arc from fundamental research to now approved treatment.

Science News

Dr. Carlos Zarate – Ketamine to Combat Depression  
January 13, 2021 • Science Update

NIMH Director to Discuss Advances in Treating Major Depression  
February 14, 2020 • Press Release

NIMH’s Carlos Zarate Jr., M.D., Elected to National Academy of Medicine 
October, 22, 2020 • Institute Update

Side effects mild, brief with single antidepressant dose of intravenous ketamine  
November 15, 2019 • News Release

Shake it off – Boosting your Mood  
January 2019 • Press Release

NIMH: Ketamine-Like Hallucinogens May Offer New Hope for Treatment-Resistant Depression  
November 16, 2017 • Press Release

Ketamine Lifts Depression Via a Byproduct of its Metabolism 
May 4, 2016 • Press Release

NIH Nearly Doubles Investment in BRAIN Initiative Research 
October 13, 2016 • Press Release

Rapid Agent Restores Pleasure-seeking Ahead of Other Antidepressant Action 
October 17, 2014 • Press Release

Imaging Biomarker Predicts Response to Rapid Antidepressant: Signals Dysfunction in Brain System Targeted by Scopolamine: Maura Furey on Scopolamine Research 
February 4, 2013 • Press Release

Webinar on Ketamine and Next Generation Therapies Featuring NIMH’s Carlos A. Zarate, M.D. 
August 6, 2013• Science Update

Brain Signal ID's Responders to Fast-Acting Antidepressant: Biomarkers Help Pinpoint Mechanisms, Predict Outcomes  
August 3, 2012 • News Release

Experimental Agent Briefly Eases Depression Rapidly in Test 
December 11, 2012 • Press Release

Rapid Antidepressant Action of Common Medication Confirmed by Repeat Trial: Maura Furey on Scopolamine Research 
May 4, 2010• Science Update

Study Shows Possibilities for Predicting How Patients Will Respond to Antidepressants 
July 22, 2010 • Science Update

Experimental Medication Lifts Depression Symptoms in Bipolar Disorder Within an Hour 
August 6, 2010• Science Update

Millisecond Brain Signals Predict Response to Fast-Acting Antidepressant: Electromagnetic Biomarker Could Minimize Trial-and-Error Prescribing 
October 2, 2008 • Press Release

Research Highlights


The need for speed: A new approach to treating depressive disorders  
NIH Intramural Research Program Research

From Despair to Hope in Hours  
NIH Intramural Research Program Research in Action

Ketamine: A New (and Faster) Path to Treating Depression 
NIMH Strategic Plan Highlight

Depression Research: Relief in Hours?  
Summer 2007 Issue • MedlinePlus

Brain Scans Give Clues to Antidepressant's Effects  
NIH News in Health

Bipolar Disorder

Major Ups and Downs: Bipolar Disorder Brings Extreme Mood Swings  
NIH News in Health


White House Mental Health Virtual Event: How Science Offers Hope for Treatment-Resistant Depression  Carlos Zarate [July 22, 2022]

Astute Clinician Lecture: “Relief from severe depression and suicidal ideation within hours: from synapses to symptoms ” [Nov 24, 2015]

Ketamine and Depression: From Despair to Hope in Hours : Carlos Zarate, NIH Clinician Scientist [Apr 4, 2013]

Social Media

NIMH Twitter Chat: Depression         
In recognition of National Depression Screening Day, NIMH hosted a Twitter chat on depression, a common but serious mood disorder. This chat covered the signs and symptoms, risk factors, and treatments for depression. Two experts, Dr. Lawrence Park and Dr. Bashkim Kadriu, were available to answer questions.[Oct 11, 2018]

NIH Intramural Reddit: “Ask Me Anything” with Dr. Carlos Zarate Jr. - Developing Novel Therapeutics for Depression

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH)’s Intramural Research Program (IRP) teamed up for a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) discussion with Dr. Carlos Zarate Jr, chief of NIMH’s Experimental Therapeutics & Pathophysiology Branch. [Nov 13, 2018]

During the Reddit AMA, Dr. Zarate answered questions from the public about current treatments for depression and the latest research efforts to develop cutting-edge therapies for the condition.

View the full AMA on Reddit  , or for a summary, visit the NIH’s Intramural Blog: Shedding Light on the Deep Darkness of Depression  [Nov 15, 2018]



Treatment-Resistant Depression & the Neurobiology of Suicide 

Experts from the ETPB team hosted a workshop titled “ Treatment-Resistant Depression & the Neurobiology of Suicide ” [December 6, 2018]