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Laboratory of Neuropsychology Laboratory of Neuropsychology (LN)

Software and Hardware for Neurophysiology

Primate behavioral neurophysiology was pioneered at the National Institute of Mental Health, starting with the groundbreaking work from the Laboratory of Neurophysiology. The open source software and hardware tools described below include current versions of tools that emerged from that laboratory, as well as tools developed in the Laboratory of Neuropsychology.

Hardware Projects

MonkeyLogic Interface - Smart Solenoid Driver - SfS - Liquid dispenser

Specialized electronic hardware is essential for behavioral neurophysiology. The Hardware Projects links (above) take you to detailed information about useful equipment for research.

Software Projects

MonkeyLogic - Cortex - GLT - MatOFF - Cortex Explorer

Real-time software and data analysis tools are crucial for behavioral studies. The Software Projects links (above) take you to software developed over the past two decades. Some of these are legacy tools, but all are being supported.


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