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Hardware Projects

MonkeyLogic Interface - Smart Solenoid Driver - SfS - Liquid dispenser

Specialized electronic hardware is essential for behavioral neurophysiology. The following links provide detailed information on some useful equipment for research.

MonkeyLogic Hardware Interface
MonkeyLogic is a behavioral control and data acquisition software system that runs on a PC under Matlab(tm). The latest version (NIMH MonkeyLogic 2) was developed at NIH. We also developed an interface box, described here.

The drawings include detailed schematics and mechanical layout for interfacing National Instrument(tm) cards to BNC and D-subminiature connectors for easy connection to other apparatus.

The Stimulation and fMRI Synchronizer (SfS)
This device tracks the scan cycle timing of a fast scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) recording system and provides stimulation and fMRI triggering output signals.

Precision Liquid Dispenser
This device provides accurate and repeatable computer-controlled delivery of water and thicker fluids. The design is publicly available here. Various vendors (e.g., Crist Instrument, Gaithersburg, MD) have adapted the design and offer a commercial version.

  • Precision Liquid dispenser
  • Download all technical documentation
    File name:
  • Download a draft user manual
    File name: User_Manual.doc

To download these files, send an email to requesting access to directory: Liquid_dispenser

Access to this directory requires an account on .  When requesting access to the directory, provide your email (registered with ) and the name of the requested directory. When the email is received, your email address will be given access to the requested directory. You may request multiple directories in one email request.

Smart Solenoid Driver
The Smart Solenoid Driver provides power for 24 volt solenoids typically used in juice reward applications. It has a number of very useful features. The latest version supports Bluetooth control. This unit is often used with the Precision Liquid Dispenser (above) by replacing the electronics. It can also be used with simple gravity-fed water dispensers.