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Negotiation Skills Workshop

This workshop is designed for Predoc IRTAs, Postdoc IRTAs, Visiting Fellows, Research Fellows, Clinical Fellows, and Staff Scientists/Clinicians to learn effective strategies for handling negotiations.

This workshop is led by Scott Morgan, a Communications Specialist with The Morgan Group.

Participants will:

  • Discover a wider range of options when dealing with negotiations and complicated interpersonal conversations.
  • Explore what’s at stake, tips for managing emotions and reactivity, using mindfulness and neutrality as communication tools, as well as how we contribute to the complexity of the discussion.
  • Discuss the basics of negotiations (job negotiations in particular) and creative strategies to find common ground for starting a meaningful dialogue.
  • Learn how to say no, plan exit strategies, and learn strategies to build trust and long-term commitment.

This workshop is held annually in October.

Check your email and the OFT group on Microsoft Teams for event details.