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Resources for the NIH Trainee

General Resources

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FAES Insurance

Visiting Fellows Resources

English as a Second Language

Visiting Fellows Committee Events Page

Visiting Fellows Committee OITE Page

NIH Resources to Support the Trainee

Please stop by the OFT (Bldg 35A, Room GE400) to collect your Trainee Support Resource Information Card for supervisors and trainees.

OITE (Office of Intramural Training and Education)
Career services; Educational Counseling and Advising

EAP (Employee Assistance Program)
Mental Health Professionals; Confidential; Voluntary

Civil (NIH Human Resources)
Response Team; Coordinators

Ombudsman: Center for Cooperative Resolution
Consultation; Coaching; Mediation; Facilitation

OMS (Occupational Medical Service)  
Medical Emergencies; CC Bldg 10, OP6
301.496.1211 (after hours)

“Keep-the-Thread” Program: The Keep-the-Thread Program is a multi-faceted approach that maximizes flexibility. This program is designed to create a framework through which fellows and PIs can explore all mutually agreeable options that would allow the fellow to attend to family responsibilities while pursuing a productive research career, while at the same time recognizing the importance of minimal disruption to a PI’s research program. The goal of this program is to retain NIH fellows through short periods in their careers when they require accommodations to successfully balance their research with family responsibilities.

OITE Resources to Support the Trainee

OITE “Under Stress” Resources 

OITE Resources for Trainees

OITE Resources

Other Resources to Support the Trainee

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Caretaking in Academic Medicine: From pregnancy through early parenting

Writing in the Sciences

Please contact the NIMH IRP Office of Fellowship Training or 301.451.4512 if you have any questions.