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NIMH IRP Fellows’ Committee Membership

The NIMH IRP Fellows’ Committee is comprised of Postdoctoral Representatives, Predoctoral IRTAs, Graduate Students, Clinical Fellows, and Visiting Fellows from the Intramural Research Program (IRP) of NIMH.

NIMH Fellows’ Committee Officers and Committee Chairs

The following is a list of fellows who hold officerial, committee chair, or liaison positions within the NIMH IRP Fellows’ Committee organization.

NIMH Fellows’ Committee Officers

  • Co-Chairs: Emma Condy & Tatiana Meza-Cervera
  • Administrative Secretary: Lysianna Beynel

Subcommittee Chairs

  • Clinical FelCom Subcommittee: TBD & Rachael Blackman
  • FANS Subcommittee: Diana Burk & Ana Rita Ribeiro Gomes
  • FILS Subcommittee: Sunday Francis & TBD
  • Social Subcommittee: Rosa Lafer-Sousa

We welcome all fellows to join our monthly meetings. If you are interested in becoming a member of a specific subcommittee, please attend our monthly meetings and voice your interest!