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NIMH Summer Orientation

The following should be read and completed prior to orientation:

This safety training is specifically offered to summer students and is intended for any summer intern who is 18-21. For those students who are returning, you must take the refresher course.

  • Pre-Placement Medical Evaluation: Every student who participates in the Summer Program must perform a pre-placement examination. This evaluation is done for free by the NIH Office of Medical Services (OMS) in Building 10, Room 6C306. A Document of Immunization Form and Authorization for Treatment of a Minor (if applicable) must be completed and submitted to OMS in order to schedule an appointment. *Note: These documents will be provided to each student once approved and accepted into the program.
  • Parking & Transhare Information: Summer students are eligible for either a parking permit or paid travel benefits for public transportation. If a summer student chooses to drive for the duration of the program, they will be issued a parking permit for the Montrose Parking Lot off of Rockville Pike (see map ). However, if a student chooses to use public transportation (metro train or bus), they will be issued a SmartTrip card with paid benefits from the NIH for travel. Please keep in mind that only one transportation mechanism can be chosen, not both.