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Transforming the understanding
and treatment of mental illnesses.

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AIDS Research Centers Program


This program seeks to foster a synergistic approach to research on mental health issues of HIV infection. Its goal is to encourage the application of multiple scientific perspectives and approaches to stimulate inter- and multidisciplinary collaboration and coordination. NIMH AIDS Research Centers are broadly based investigative endeavors, encompassing or supporting research in a variety of areas, including biological, biomedical, behavioral, neuroscience, prevention, clinical sciences, and services research.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Clarify the impact of new biomedical technologies (e.g., microbicides, vaccines, rapid tests, genetic advances) on HIV risk behaviors.
  • Foster dissemination, translation, and operational research on ways to implement and enhance long-term maintenance behavior change.
  • Promote the global adoption of primary and secondary preventive interventions.
  • Identify molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders, and develop therapeutic agents to treat neurologic and neurocognitive complications.
  • Identify host and HIV viral genetics that render susceptibility or protection to neuronal dysfunction.
  • Identify and characterize HIV-associated cognitive or motor dysfunction and assess it in the context of mental illness and HIV-associated co-morbidities.


Christopher Gordon, Ph.D.
5601 Fishers Lane, Room 9G11
Rockville, MD 20852