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Training, Fellowship, and Health Disparities Programs


The AIDS Research Training Program supports research training at the predoctoral, postdoctoral, and early investigator level of career development in areas relevant to the focus of the Division. The program includes training both in the basic neuroscience of HIV infections, as well as the behavioral science research agenda.

The AIDS research training program is linked to the HIV/AIDS Health Disparities program, which promotes multidisciplinary research and research training on mental health issues related to HIV/AIDS among underrepresented diverse racial/ethnic communities in order to reduce the disproportionate burden of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on these populations. The major focus of the disparities program is to: (1) enhance diversity in the AIDS mental health research workforce through research capacity building efforts; and (2) support partnerships through collaborative and integrated programs for academic-research-community linkages and for community-based participatory training and research. These two inter-related programs incorporate experiences in didactics (and other relevant curricula and academic enrichment) and research that encourage translational and interdisciplinary approaches.


Institutional Training Program (T32)

Research Education programs (R25)

Mentored Career Development Program (K99, K01, K08, K23)

Individual Pre-doctoral and Post-doctoral Fellowships (F30, F31, F32)

Dissertation Research Grants to Increase Diversity (R36)

For a listing of relevant Funding Opportunity Announcements, visit the NIMH page for Research Training, Career Development, and Related Programs.

Areas of Emphasis

See specific division program descriptions.


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