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Chalk Talks Workshop

This workshop is designed for trainees who are interested in learning how to develop an effective chalk talk—a common part of interviews for academic, government, industry, and tenure-track positions. This is workshop is most appropriate for Predoc IRTAs, Postdoc IRTAs, Visiting Fellows, Research Fellows, Clinical Fellows, and Staff Scientists/Clinicians.

This workshop is led by Scott Morgan, a Communications Specialist with The Morgan Group.

Participants will:

  • Understand the important role chalk talks play in science communication overall
  • Learn the components of an effective chalk talk
  • Have the opportunity to practice new skills in a safe space

Discussion topics include:

  • Connection to Job Talks
  • Relevance to Faculty
  • What to Draw
  • Levels of Detail
  • Anticipating Questions
  • Tone and Delivery

Participating in this workshop will assist trainees in planning ahead and strengthening their science communication skills to be competitive applicants on the job market.

This workshop is held annually in November.

Check your email and the OFT group on Microsoft Teams for event details.