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Future Biomedical Career Pathways Workshops and Seminars

“Beyond the Academic Bench”

Flash Career Pathways Informational Interview and Networking Event
“Beyond the Academic Bench”

After completing graduate studies and postdoctoral training, many scientists find themselves seeking career opportunities that are rewarding, utilize their biomedical training and skills but are not in the academic realm but rather in private or government institutions or industry. In fact, increasingly career choices take scientists away from the bench altogether and down various career paths such as science writing and editing, science policy, scientific program or grant management, venture capital and patent law. The opportunities “Beyond the Academic Bench” are broad and not always obvious to those who have trained specifically for a career in academia. This event will bring together a panel of highly successful Biomedical Professionals who have utilized their biomedical training to pursue very different Career Paths. The participants will briefly discuss their particular career path and how they arrived in the positions that they currently hold. Following the short presentations each speaker will meet with trainees for informational interviews. This will allow trainees the opportunity for to interview the Professionals to obtain targeted information in dialogue with the speaker about their particular careers, how they determined their career paths and how best to prepare and pursue such a career path. This will also serve as a networking opportunity for attendees.

  • Career Pathways Seminar Series - TBD