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NIMH Trainee Statistics Seminar Series

The goal of this four-part statistics seminar series is to gently and accessibly introduce and practice foundational data science skills and basic statistical concepts. Topics will include data management, data analysis, and data presentation.

All NIMH trainees of any level, regardless of experience, are welcome to attend. Novice learners will be prepared for future coursework in statistics, while more experienced participants will sharpen their skills and understanding.

This course consists of three modalities: didactic lecture, large-group guided practice, and small-group work. Each topic will be covered in two sessions; one didactic lecture (1 hour) and one practical application session (“lab”, 2 – 3 hours).

Because the course will be conducted within RStudio, an introduction to that software will be included. A problem-based learning approach will be used, where students of different skill levels will engage with one another to complete assignments that will increase understanding of the concepts.

Session Overview:

Pre-Session: Introduction to RStudio

Session 1: Principles of data management

Session 2: Exploratory data analysis

Session 3: Introduction to the general linear model

Session 4: Introduction to the generalized linear model

This seminar series is held annually each spring and fall.

Check out the OFT Events Calendar for registration information.