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NIMH New IRTA Required Trainings Checklist

Principal Investigator (PI): __________________________

Administrative Officer (AO): ____________________________   Main Phone: 301-496-4271

  1. Computer Training/NED Verification

    Take the required online computer safety and awareness trainings 

    Note: NIH sends an automated email to all employees with instructions for training before you begin your appointment. To access online trainings, you will need your HHS Badge ID number (10 digit #). If you do not know your badge number, you can retrieve it from your ID or AO.

    Required Trainings:

    ☐ Information Security Awareness for New Hires

    ☐ Information Management for New Hires

    ☐ Information Security and Management Refresher

    Verify your information in the NIH Enterprise Directory (NED) . This system houses all employee information and must be accurate.

    ☐ Search your name and institute (NIMH) to verify/ update your location/contact information

  2. Lab Safety Training

    Take the Lab Safety trainings online at 

    Note: Trainings must be taken within 30 days of start date. For sign-in, you can use your NIH log in credentials or create a safety training ID and password specific to the site.

    Required Trainings:

    ☐ Take Introduction to Laboratory Safety Training (on-line)

    ☐ NIH Laboratory Safety Training 101 (on-line)

    ☐ Take HIV and Bloodborne Pathogen Training (only If you will work with any blood/bodily fluid)

    ☐ Take the Animal Care & Use Training for Animal Users (only if you will work with animals) 

  3. Ethics Training

    All fellows must take the online ethics training. Trainings must be taken within 30 days of start date.

    ☐NIH Ethics Training 

    Note: Send screen shot of completion certificate to Anika Reid (

    ☐NIH Research Ethics Training 

    Note: To login, you will need your NED ID number or badge number

    NIH Technology Transfer Training

    All fellows must take the online technology transfer training. Training must be taken within 3 months of start date

    ☐ Take the Tech Transfer Training at 

    Note: You will need to login with your ID or NIH credentials, then click on HHS Learning Portal (LMS) to access the module. Training will be on lower right side under NIH Quicklinks box.

    Fellow Listservs

    ☐ Sign up for the OITE Listserv appropriate for you. 

    ☐ Contact Aneka Reid or Sandy Gomez ( or to verify you are on OFT listserv for NIMH

    Additional Trainings

    For any additional trainings, please visit the NIH Mandatory Training Inventory (MTI) system. It is also highly recommended that you speak with your Principal Investigator to understand any other required training needs for your lab.

    ☐ Go to the Mandatory Training portal at 

    Note: This site will outline all mandatory training required for new staff based on where they work and job function.