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Director’s Messages from 2017

On Being Ill

By Joshua Gordon on

After an emergency room visit on Thanksgiving, Dr. Gordon reflects on treatments for injury vs. psychiatric conditions.

Sophomore Year

By Joshua Gordon on

Dr. Gordon reflects on his first year at NIMH and outlines priorities for going forward.

Suicide Prevention: Next Steps

By Joshua Gordon on

September is National Suicide Prevention month; focusing on the benefits of collaborations, Dr. Gordon outlines recent research results as well as future directions.

Summer Reading

By Joshua Gordon on

Dr. Gordon offers highlights of his summer reading in science and literature.

Summer Travels

By Joshua Gordon on

Dr. Gordon relates highlights of summer scientific meetings.

RDoC: Outcomes to Causes and Back

By Joshua Gordon on

In the second of two director’s messages on RDoC, Dr. Gordon talks about the role of computational psychiatry in the effort to understand the brain processes underlying behavior and mental disorders.

The Future of RDoC

By Joshua Gordon on

In the first of two messages, Dr. Gordon shares his thoughts on NIMH’s Research Domain Criteria (RDoC), and discusses how we might be able to use big data approaches to enhance this research framework in the future.

Towards Interventions Across the Autism Spectrum

By Joshua Gordon on

In the second of two messages for Autism Awareness Month, Dr. Gordon talks about NIMH funding of research aimed at developing interventions and services for people across the lifespan with autism spectrum disorder.

Autism Awareness Month: Genes and Development in Autism Spectrum Disorder

By Joshua Gordon on

Dr. Gordon discusses research aimed at identifying the causes of autism spectrum disorder including findings emerging from studies of genetic factors.

An Experimental Therapeutic Approach to Psychosocial Interventions

By Joshua Gordon on

Dr. Gordon talks about NIMH’s commitment to support the development and testing of psychosocial interventions in the greater context of the experimental therapeutics approach to treatment research.

Computational Neuroscience: Deciphering the Complex Brain

By Joshua Gordon on

Dr. Gordon explains how computational and theoretical neuroscience can advance research into mental disorders.

Neural Circuits Research: How and Why

By Joshua Gordon on

Dr. Gordon talks about the potential pay-offs of research on neural circuits and next steps for going forward.